Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rachel's SISTERS!!!

These are my two sisters Erin and Taylor. They are my best friends. When ever we are together we have so much fun. We have so many great memories together. A fun memory I have about Erin is...All growing up we slept in the same room, and we would play different kinds of games before we went to bed, like..."Guess what I am thinking of in the room?" or we would just stay up talking until we feel asleep. We would always share our clothes, and we had the same friends. We loved to play paper dolls, and tease the boys in the ward. A fun memory I have about Taylor is.....She has always been around. Ever sense she was little I kind of swept her under my wing. Where ever Erin and I would go, she would go. We would play a game called "Jail Breaker" with the kids in our ward, and even though Taylor was so much younger she would always be there playing it with us. I love listening to music with her, and singing VERY LOUD. I enjoy being around Taylor, and it's always fun to have her sleep over. I love my sisters. I am so lucky to have them in my life!

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Erin said...

Rachel, that was so sweet! I miss all those games we use to play. What a fun post!