Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last night we took Heather & Aiden out to dinner at Famous Dave's. Boy was is delicious! We had a great time.

This is Aiden's first time eating a rib, thanks to Randy. He loved it. Aiden wasn't very happy when we took it away.

After dinner we went back to Heathers home to say good-bye to her & her family. Grandma Gossett saying her good-bye to Brock.

Rachel & Randy showing our Thanks & Love to Heather for her amazing gift she has given to us. Words can't even begin to express our love to Heather & David. They truly answered our prayers. We became parents to a beautiful little boy. This is a great strength in our lives, for them to listen to the spirit & follow the promptings of the their hearts. THANK YOU & we LOVE you both.

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Erin said...

Those pictures made me cry!

We love you Heather & Dave! There aren't words adequate enough to express the love and admiration our family feels towards you. Thank you for loving Brock enough to place him for adoption. We know that you will be blessed for the selfless love you have shown.