Friday, January 18, 2008


It all started with a phone call from my older brother Jake, who lives in Tucson, Arizona. He called and mentioned that one of his former students is pregnant and is thinking about placing her baby boy up for adoption. He asked, "would you be interested"? We did not hesitate to respond, and said yes. We called Heather on the phone and spoke with her several times. She really wanted to meet us before the baby was born. So we took a trip down right before Christmas to meet her and David. We all were so nervous to meet. We decided to meet at a local restaurant in Tucson. Randy and I arrived before they did. We had no idea who to look for, we had never seen pictures of them. With every guest approaching the door, Randy and I would whisper to one another and say "is that them"? Soon they arrived, and as soon as we saw them we knew it was them. Dinner went very smoothly. It was so fun meet and to get to know one another. Heather and David invited us to there home the next day to have dinner. Heathers whole family was there. What a fun and loving family.

Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. We know he had a hand in Heather and David Decision to choose us. We will ever be grateful for them both. They have been the answer to our prayers. Thank You.

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