Friday, February 15, 2008


Happy one month Brock!! We can not believe it has already been one month. Time flies. He is such a great baby. We have really enjoyed being parents. We love you!

Brock is getting bigger by the minute. He is now up to drinking 3 oz, and it still seems like that is not enough. He loves to eat.

My cousin Kelly made the beanie for Brock. I just love it. He looks so cute. You could just eat'em up.

I'll C-YA all later! I am going to sleep now.


DeJong Family said...

What a stud! He is sooo Cute!!! I am diggin' the shoes..VERY CUTE :)

Erin said...

That is such a cute outfit! I want to babysit him again.

Brian & Heidi Haas said...

What a cute baby!!! Every stage is gets even more fun!

MiNdY said...

He is so unbelievably sweet you guys!! You take the cutest pictures too! And yes, I am in Lehi.. so if Erin cant babysit.. call me! I will! :)
I know my parents adore the two of you, and are sad you moved, so be sure to visit them when seeing Grandma Mellor. And yes, my siblings and I are so lucky because our Dad is the best! No offense. My husband and I have a motto. It isnt 'what would Jesus do?', its 'what would Larry do?' :)