Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Zyan turned the big 5 this year on March 6. On Sunday we went to her house to celebrate!

Brock loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to Zyan!! He got so excited.

Aunt Heather (Zyans mom) and Brock. Brock loves all the attention he gets from the family!

Cute little Zyan and Brock. Zyan is such a sweet little girl. She is so funny and smart. Everyone loves to be around her. Zyan is the oldest and the only girl out of 6 grand-children. She can not wait for the time to come where she will have a girl cousin.

Taylor and Abbel checking out who knows what? They are getting married on May 8! We are so excited for them. They are such a awesome and HOT couple!!


TAYBEL said...

Oh sick Rachel. You could have atleast told me to smile. haha...maybe you should consider putting up a different picture of Abbel and me.

Sizemore said...

It is incredible how more and more he looks like you! What a doll:)


Brian & Heidi Haas said...

What a cutie pie...he's getting so big. They grow up WAY to fast!