Saturday, June 7, 2008


My sister Erin and I went down last weekend to visit the Newly-Weds in Cedar City. Taylor and Abbel planned out some fun things for us to do.....Are first stop was Cedar Breaks. It was amazing!, it took my breath away.

The next stop was Hidden Haven. Hidden Haven is a Waterfall hidden in a haven.

To cool off from the warm air we took the boyz' swimming. They loved it.

The last stop was the Discovery park. It was a blast. I totally took me back to the times my friends and I played Jail-Breaker. (it would've been cool to play it here)

Brock's first time in the swing. He was laughing so hard. I loved that moment.

I didn't get a picture of Taylor and Abbel's apartment, dang-it. It is so cute. It was fun to see them together and to get excited about decorating there apartment. Thanks for the fun weekend!!

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