Monday, September 8, 2008

Go SUU!!!

Our trip to Cedar City

Last weekend we headed off to Cedar to see our newest brother-in-law Abbel, play his first home game against Adam's State. Before the game we went into Zion National Park and went on a few hiking trails. Boy, It was sure beautiful!! It was also very hot. We hiked one trail that was 1/2 mile and decided to go on a second hike that was 4 miles but only made it 1/8 of the way. We must be getting to old.

The Thunderbirds played an incredible game against Adam's State. SUU killed them. The final score was 38-10. Abbel did so good, #80. For being a Freshman he sure does play a lot. His position is tight-end. (what ever that means?) I am sure it is a cool position to be in. Abbel looked great in his uniform. He looked huge out there on the field. Not fat but huge! Good Luck Abbel to the rest of the season!!! We are hoping we can come down a couple more times before the season ends. We had a blast!!

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