Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hiking to the Y

My sister Erin and I decided on Tuesday that we would hike to the Y. She told me it is a great workout. Well, it is. It is an hour up hill, the whole way. If you think your in shape I challenge you to go and hike it, also adding 22 lbs. on your back. I got so dizzy and thought I was going to pass out at one point. Thanks to Erin and myself telling me to keep going. I made it! It totally kicked my HARSE!!!, but totally worth it. The view is incredible!

When we got to the top Brock was dying to get down to explore. What can I say, he loves to crawl. Sorry to all of the BYU fans about the Red, I was not thinking.

On the way down Brock couldn't take it any more. Poor little guy. He did great though.

Erin, Bryson, Me and Brock. This experience totally makes me want to get my butt back into shape. Thanks Erin for the great time and memory. Let's do it again next week! :)


Christa said...

I think if I would have done this while hauling a baby on my back, I would have given up after about 25 steps. Good for you making it to the top.

windhula said...

I need to join your bootcamp! Way to go you two! -Michelle H.

MiNdY said...

Ive got a crew wanting to join me NEXT year on my hike up to the top of timp again, I expect youll be there?? :)