Monday, September 8, 2008

One puppy :(

Our Lexie is pregnant again. This time there is only 1 puppy. :( Her first litter she had 7 and 3 died at birth. The next time we bred her, it didn't take. So this time we thought for sure there would be a big litter. We did 2 ultra sounds and a x-ray and still 1 puppy. It is sad because she is such a great mother. We are excited though. The puppy should be born on Thursday. It will be fun to see how big the puppy is because Lexie ate like a horse during her pregnancy....Wait she is a horse.


Malia said...

Um, if a puppy is being born TODAY we are totally changing venues for Friday night! I want to see that puppy! Too bad we need you to look at our basement. Dang!

Kristin Sanders said...

What a beautiful dog! Great Danes are my favorite!