Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Brock's first Halloween. He is dressed up as the turtle in Nemo, Crush. (Thanks to Mike & Erin) Brock looked so stinkin' cute!! He did not mind the costume at all.

We had a fun Halloween. We spent the evening at my brother Zack's home. We ate homemade Chili made by Heather, it was delicious to the taste. Then we took the kids trick-or-treating.

Crush and Batman

Crush and Snow White

Brock with some of his cousin's...Tiger (Bryson), Batman (Chazz), Crush (Brock), Snow White (Zyan).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Terrific Tuesday at Jump On IT

This week we wanted to check out Jump on it. There are Trampolines everywhere!! Brock and Bryson loved it. I forgot what a workout it is to jump on a Tramp. There is also a Toddler play area, and big blow up jumping castles and slides. It would be a great place for Birthday parties.

Cornbelly's at Thankgiving Point

Brock's favorite place to be was in the corn house. It was hard for us to keep the corn out of his mouth. He wants to eat everything. When we got home I was changing his diaper and low and behold there was corn in every crevice of his body. It was pretty cute.

Uncle Ike, Daddy, Brock and his buddy Blake (in green) and his two cousins, Kailee and Bryson.

"Mommy dressed me in shorts. Doesn't she know it is a bit cold out here." Oops!!

Daddy and Brock, Angie and Kailee. This is a great place to come for all ages. We had a blast!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scripture Pizza Party

In our ward Randy and I team teach the Valiant 10 class. We have been studying all of the Prophets in the Book of Mormon through reading and doing a lot of scripture chasing. We were having a hard time getting the children to bring their scriptures, so we decided to hold a contest. We asked them to bring their scriptures 4 weeks in a row and then they would have a party of their choice. That really got their attention, so week after week I saw all of the children bring their scriptures to class. If they saw someone who forgot theirs, they would remind them to go get a set at the library. 4 weeks later they got their Pizza Party. Hopefully it became a habit for them.

We really enjoy this calling. We think they teach us more than we teach them. They are so sweet and very funny. They are a great bunch of kids!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No more Binky!

Ok, this is a little late. About 3 weeks ago we decided to take the Binky away from Brock. He loved that binky, so we thought. We told ourselves the sooner the better. (Children forget quicker when their younger). We both thought it would be harder than it was. Ya, it took a few nights for him to get used to it, but it was ok.

The other night we were driving home and Brock was a little fussy. Randy looked at me and said "do you have a binky?" I looked at him and said what? You've got to be joking? A little while later I was thinking to myself, let's see if Brock remembers it? So we both agreed and gave the binky to Brock. The look on his face was priceless. When we put the binky in his mouth he was totally discuss ted. He did not move for at least 30 seconds before he took it out and was examining it. It was hilarious. He totally forgot about ever having and wanting it. For all of you with young ones, our advice to you is the sooner the better.

Conference Weekend

This weekend was fun. First listening to General Conference is always a joy. On Saturday we helped Randy's sister Angie move out of her house in Magna. Sunday we got to sleep in a little before Conference began. Listening to our Prophet speak to us is so humbling to me. I am so glad we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. Sure we could all do better, but it's about all those consist reminders we have that keep us in the right direction. The last session of Conference we went to my parents house, listened to Conference and ate a delicious dinner.

On our way home we wanted to stop by and say Hello to Baby Mac. It is very peaceful there. We miss you Mac!!

We then stopped by Grandma Mellor's home. We had some great laughs! Watching the little one's is priceless. What did we ever do without children? They are great entertainment.