Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scripture Pizza Party

In our ward Randy and I team teach the Valiant 10 class. We have been studying all of the Prophets in the Book of Mormon through reading and doing a lot of scripture chasing. We were having a hard time getting the children to bring their scriptures, so we decided to hold a contest. We asked them to bring their scriptures 4 weeks in a row and then they would have a party of their choice. That really got their attention, so week after week I saw all of the children bring their scriptures to class. If they saw someone who forgot theirs, they would remind them to go get a set at the library. 4 weeks later they got their Pizza Party. Hopefully it became a habit for them.

We really enjoy this calling. We think they teach us more than we teach them. They are so sweet and very funny. They are a great bunch of kids!


Christa said...

I'm the primary president in our ward and I so love hearing people who have a calling in there say that they love it. I wish more people would realize that it's not so bad and that they're actually there for the kids to teach them.

Hey all!! said...

You guys are still active? I guess it's no suprise that Rachel is, but Randy? Just kidding guys. So long as it's not nursery right? I gained a new apprecation for those in nursery last week. Noah threw a fit about half way through church and I had to go sit with him and 12 other kids. With only 4 adults to try and manage everything I had to hand it to them. All the adults seemed to keep their cool. It was very impressive.