Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Heather & David!

Heather & David,
Brock wanted to share with you his Christmas. We hope you had a wonderful Holiday! We will see you soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Terrific Tuesday at Riverton High School

Our dad is the Athletic director at Riverton High School. We thought it would be fun to go and see him in action at work. He has is own office, it was filled with pictures of the family. My dad loves his job! You can tell by seeing him in action.

There was a basketball game scheduled that he had to set up for, so we hung out in the gym. I remember playing B-ball there back in the day of High School. Being in the gym brought so many awesome memories of High School.

Brock loved crawling all over the bleachers. He is on the go all the time. I wish I had a little bit of his energy. Thanks dad for letting us come, we had a lot of fun! Next time let's plan lunch in the Cafeteria! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Black Ugly Coat

Last night we took Brock Down Town to see the lights at Temple Square. It was a very cold night. I was so worried about Brock being warm I forgot about myself, all I had was a wind breaker. Duh! Good thing Randy works outside because in his truck was his BIG BLACK UGLY WORK COAT he lovingly let me wear. Besides looking like a construction worker we had a great time. We started the night at the Gateway to get a bite to eat. Brock loved the fountain, he wanted so badly to get wet. We then headed to Temple Square. Brock also loved all the lights. We stopped in about every building to get warm. Deseret Book was serving FREE hot chocolate so we ventured over there. We ended the night with a trip home on Trax. That is always fun and adventurous. :)
This night-out made me even more GRATEFUL for what I have. We saw several homeless people bunched up in a corner trying to stay warm. All I was thinking is...We have a nice warm bed to go home to. And WHY am I complaining about the BIG UGLY COAT, I am lucky to even be wearing this BIG UGLY COAT. They would die to have it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Brock is 11 Months Today

Do you like my two new upper front teeth?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Designer Blogs

Do you like my adorable blog design? My sister Erin designed it. She is starting her own business DESIGNER BLOGS. If you are wanting a fun hip new blog design you can check out her website at the link above. Right now is a great time for the Holiday, it is her Grand Opening SALE of 50% OFF your blog design until January 10, 2009. She will do a custom design for your liking and do a great job. Check it out!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brock's first Battle Wound

Being a mother and watching your kids get hurt is the worst. This is his first actual bloody wound. This is how it happened....On Friday morning I was getting my self ready for work. Brock was watching Baby Einstein and horsing around like usual. I was right in the middle of brushing my teeth when I heard him fall and hit his head on our armour. His cry seemed like a normal cry. I should have rushed to him sooner but in my mind I thought I will finish up with brushing my teeth and then check on him. Big Mistake. By this time, the crying was stopped. He crawled over to me and I looked down to see his entire face covered in BLOOD. I had know idea where it was coming from. As I wiped his face I found the wound right above his eyebrow. It looked deep and I thought he might need stitches. I called Randy, he calmed me down and told me what to do. The bleeding stopped so we didn't rush him in. This will probably leave a "Luke Perry" scar. This really woke me up. I really need to watch him more careful now that he is more mobile.

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was held at our home. This year was Mellor Time!! It was such a blast to have everyone there but our niece Jessica (who is on a mission in Alabama). We had a total of about 26 family members. Lots of games and relaxation.

We held a Deep Fried Turkey cook-off. Randy's two brothers were the chefs. They did AWESOME!!

Hours of preparing for 15 minutes of pleasure. I don't understand it.

Do I have anything in my teeth?

Sense the whole family were here we organized a family portrait at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Robert Dyer was our photographer. I can't wait to see the results.

First Steps & More Words

Brock has taken his first steps!! :) About a week ago at Grandma Mellors house he took 2 steps. Today he took 5 big ones at Granny Gooses. When he is not thinking about it, that is when it happens. Brock has great balance. I hope I can get it on video soon.

Brock is now saying Uh-oh and Da-Da! It is the cutest thing when he drops something he says Uh-oh. He loves to see daddy when he comes home from work. His legs go uncontrollable up and down both of his arms are waving and his smile is the biggest ever. Randy loves it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

They grow to fast

Today I was looking at Brock and he just seems so big to me. He doesn't look like a baby to me anymore. Everyone told me kids grow fast, so I have cherished every moment with him. I am sure glad I did because they were right. Sometimes it is hard to remember him as a newborn. It is amazing what children learn and develop on their own the first year of their life. One of our Apostles (I need to find out which one)this Conference said not to worry about Brock getting the house messy, things breaking you don't want broke, toilet paper everywhere, shoes pulled off the shelf, dirt from a plant on the ground and in his mouth, food everywhere, the list could go on and on. He said it will be over before you know it, cherish those times and play with him instead of cleaning all the time. I am trying to do this. Yes, it is hard but I am trying to see things through Brock's eyes. The time I cherish most with Brock is his bed time. Before I lay him down to sleep I always sing him our song "I love to see the Temple". The way he looks at me is pricless. It's like he understands the words that I am singing. This song is special to me because 4 months ago Randy, Brock and I were sealed for Time and all Eternity in the Temple. I know that is why Brock looks at me the way he does because he knows how special it was. Being a mother has truly brought so much happiness to our family. I remember 2 years ago and how hard is was for me to see and watch everyone around me getting pregnant and have babies. I would have to hold my tears back when someone told me their good news of becoming pregnant. That is all I have ever wanted and it seemed so far away. I have never cried myself to sleep so much. Ever sense I was a little girl I wanted to be a mother. I never knew that it would be this hard for me to get pregnant. In my prayers to Heavenly Father I asked for him to bless me with just one baby, one baby is all I needed. Through all of my years of heartache and pain my prayers were answered. He blessed me with Heather and David who blessed me with Brock. I don't know if I will ever have my own children, what I DO KNOW is that Heavenly Father will answer your prayers on his time and in his way. You might not understand "why". But With faith and patience he will bless you with the desires of your heart. He knew when the right time was for Randy and I to become parents. And as I look back to the "hard times" I have nothing left to do but to Thank him. I understand "why" now more than ever. I am sooo blessed to have my "one baby" Brock. (I do hope there is one more) We will see?