Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brock's first Battle Wound

Being a mother and watching your kids get hurt is the worst. This is his first actual bloody wound. This is how it happened....On Friday morning I was getting my self ready for work. Brock was watching Baby Einstein and horsing around like usual. I was right in the middle of brushing my teeth when I heard him fall and hit his head on our armour. His cry seemed like a normal cry. I should have rushed to him sooner but in my mind I thought I will finish up with brushing my teeth and then check on him. Big Mistake. By this time, the crying was stopped. He crawled over to me and I looked down to see his entire face covered in BLOOD. I had know idea where it was coming from. As I wiped his face I found the wound right above his eyebrow. It looked deep and I thought he might need stitches. I called Randy, he calmed me down and told me what to do. The bleeding stopped so we didn't rush him in. This will probably leave a "Luke Perry" scar. This really woke me up. I really need to watch him more careful now that he is more mobile.


TAYBEL said...

The first picture made me laugh so hard! He looks like he was beaten to death.

Anonymous said...

Oh! His face in that first picture is so sad! Head wounds are always more bloody, I bet is was quite a shock! Good to know everything was alright! He's growing up so fast, and is such a handsome little guy! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season this year! :oD
~Angie Brinkerhoff