Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Steps & More Words

Brock has taken his first steps!! :) About a week ago at Grandma Mellors house he took 2 steps. Today he took 5 big ones at Granny Gooses. When he is not thinking about it, that is when it happens. Brock has great balance. I hope I can get it on video soon.

Brock is now saying Uh-oh and Da-Da! It is the cutest thing when he drops something he says Uh-oh. He loves to see daddy when he comes home from work. His legs go uncontrollable up and down both of his arms are waving and his smile is the biggest ever. Randy loves it.

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Ike and Bethany said...

It was so funny, when Ike told me he saw Brock take 5 steps on sunday. I was totally like I have to see. Even though he isn't my child, I get so excited when he does new things. I can't even imagine seeing it through a parents view. You are so blessed and I can't wait for my chance to be a mom and watch my kid try new things. I love Brock so much...he makes me laugh when I need a little cheering up. Thanks BROCK!