Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brock's 12 Month Appointment

Brock is doing great!! Dr. Mumford said he has never seen such a healthy child. Brock has not been sick at cold, flu, earache, nothing. (Ok, he has had a few runny noses). We are so lucky. We better knock on wood. Here are his stats. He weighs 23.5 lbs-62%, Height 31 in.-85%, Head Cir. 18.5-69%.
Brock turning one threw us for a loop. For one thing trying to get him off the bottle has been tough, him walking and getting into EVERYTHING, drinking cows milk and eating table food, just worrying his not getting his nutrients. We do not know what we are doing!, but I know we will figure this out.
It is sad to say he is not a baby anymore. He is growing out of the baby stage and turning into a little boy. We look at him everyday and say "could he get any cuter?" He is so much fun! We love to sit and watch his silly personality. We are so proud of him and his development. We are very lucky:) We love you Brock!


windhula said...

Growing like a champ!

BBBowen said...

Are you kidding me, no sickness!?! What's your secret? Dax has had a ton of ear infections and my 3 week old is already sick!

Hailey said...

He really is so darling...I can't get over those blue eyes!
Let's chat over facebook. I have to change our lunch date:(

mama fish said...

It was so good to hear from you! Your little Brock is darling. We still need to go to lunch, so talk to Hailey and let me know what works. I have some major catching up to do on the two of you!

Ike and Bethany said...

So how are the votes coming? I think I did it right.