Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brock is 13 Months--WOW!

Here are a few things Brock is doing. Brock loves the water. It Doesn't matter where the water is, he just wants to be in it. Sooo...CuTe!

Brock loves to smile and show off his Chic-let teeth. Sooo...CuTe!

Brock loves me to sing Patty-Cake. He learned how to Roll-it. That's what he is doing in the picture. Sooo...CuTe! He also Loves to be with his cousin, Bryson. He loves him so much!

Brock also loves to be with his other cousin, Kailee. When they're together they love to copy one another. Sooo...CuTe!

Last but not least. Brock loves to go down slides. I have been taking him to McDonald's a lot lately. He LOVES it!! Sooo...CuTe!

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Ike and Bethany said...

Oh my gosh Rachel those pictures are soooo cute! :D