Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Baby Zoey!!

The wait is over!, to hear what the sex is of Zack (my brother) & Heather's 3rd child. IT'S A GIRL!!! What an incredible day to see this new life come and join our family. There were lots of emotions through-out the day. Heather delivered at the NEW Hospital on 5300 so. State. The last time we were there was the day Baby Mac was stillborn. Memories flooded my mind of that day on June 27th, as we waited in the same waiting area. I couldn't help but think.. "Why was Zoey here to stay and Baby Mac returned home?" In my heart I know he was asked to do a special mission for our Heavenly Father and I know he went home for a reason. We won't Really understand why until the day comes when we return home to our Heavenly Father. The lesson's I have learned through Mac I am so grateful for and would never change.
As I entered the room to see Zoey I could feel the love of our Savior and of Baby Mac. Zoey is going to be a special little girl to all of us. I welcome her with open arms. I am grateful to know of the Plan of Salvation. Families will be together FOREVER.

Aunt Erin, brother Chazz and sister Zyan to the baby, and cousin's waiting for the news.
Welcome Baby Zoey!!
Zoey was born on Monday, February 23 at around 8:00 am. She weighed a whopping 9 lbs. Beautiful little girl. Congratulations Zack & Heather!!!

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Elke said...

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to all of you!