Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Are Now Very Patriotic

One of Randy's dreams was to have a flag pole in his yard. So, before we seeded our lawn a year ago he thought a head and ran the conduit from the house out to where he wanted the flag. Smart man:) It was quite the process, we couldn't have done it with out our brother-in-law Mike. They had to run electrical wire from the basement storage out to where the flag is. (FYI-The law states to have a flag it needs to be lite at night unless you take it down.) They had everything from string, to steel wire, to a vacuum to get the wire through the conduit. About 4-5 hours later they finally got it. This is the result. It looks amazing!! Thank You Mike for always lending a hand.

Good-Bye Lexie

This is our Lexie. She was the best dog in the world!! Great temper, great with people and kids, very mellow. She was going to turn 6 in July. Do to complications to her c-section she passed away on Sunday. This was her 3rd liter. We are proud to say there are 5 puppies. (I will post pictures soon.) It is so strange how you get so attached to your animals, they really become apart of your family. We will sure miss her!!!

Jax and Lexie

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Healthy vs. Sick

Brock is finally sick. :( Poor little guy. He is cranky, ornery, sad, and always tired. I have loved it because he actually wants me to hold him. It's been great mother/son time to cuddle, sing, read, laugh, and nap with him. It will be good to see him healthy again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Words

Brock is talking more and more. Here are all the words he can say: Dada, Mama, Ball, Bubble, & ee-ii-ee-ii-oo. This has got to be the funnest age! Does it get more fun? I am thinking it might be time for another one. We will see! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Brock has all the dirt he could possibly eat, and boy does he know how to eat it. We have been working really hard in our yard to whip it into shape this year. Brock loves to be outside in the dirt. Every time I turn around Brock has a mouth full of dirt in his mouth. I wondered how much he really eats? I find out next day when it comes out the other end....All I can say is that it is a lot and SOOOO SICK!!! He is TOTAL boy. I love a boy that gets dirty, because the best part is getting them clean. Lucky for me I have 2 of them.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Now that Brock is getting older, he is becoming a little more daring. Trying new things, getting in new things etc. One night he had a hay day in the laundry basket.
It is somewhat getting warmer, so we venture out the the parks a lot more. He loves to run in the grass and I love to chase him.

The park aerated the lawn. He thought the dirt clods where cookies, I could not keep them out of his mouth. Yummy.

This is his famous smile. He loves showing his Chic-lets. Aren't they cute?

Daddy loves pushing Brock fast in the car. Randy is a great big kid at heart.

Anything that looks like a sippy Brock tries to drink out of it. I wonder if he liked the mustard? :)