Monday, March 9, 2009


Now that Brock is getting older, he is becoming a little more daring. Trying new things, getting in new things etc. One night he had a hay day in the laundry basket.
It is somewhat getting warmer, so we venture out the the parks a lot more. He loves to run in the grass and I love to chase him.

The park aerated the lawn. He thought the dirt clods where cookies, I could not keep them out of his mouth. Yummy.

This is his famous smile. He loves showing his Chic-lets. Aren't they cute?

Daddy loves pushing Brock fast in the car. Randy is a great big kid at heart.

Anything that looks like a sippy Brock tries to drink out of it. I wonder if he liked the mustard? :)


Christa said...

He's definitely a boy! I've heard mustard can be very refreshing. ☺

windhula said...

Brock's age is my favorite time with little ones!

Hinckley Family said...

That is so gross, I hope he does like mustard. lol! What a cute nephew I have!