Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Memorial Weekend

We had a great weekend! First we headed up to Payson Lakes. Other than all the rain we had a great time fishing. Randy caught his first fish ever. He found a new hobby, well, for at least this week:)

This was Brock's row boat. I would sing "row, row, row your boat" and he would rock back and forth just laughing. Moments like these are the best.

At night we headed over to my brother Zack's home. We had a great BBQ, and had fun with the kids on the slip-in-slide.

And yes, more fishing! Brock loves to be doing what Daddy is doing. It was very relaxing and gorgeous there.

We ended the day up at our sweet nephew, Mac's grave. It has almost been a year sense his passing. We have missed him so much!
Good news, they got his headstone in. It looks amazing. It was so breath-taking to see so many flowers. It was the perfect place to end the day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So Far Behind-Part 2

Lexie's Pups

This is one out of the 5 puppies of Lexie's liter, and YES he is ours. We named him Diesel. Brock loves him accept when he bites or scratches him. We are trying to discipline Diesel not to do that. You gotta love having a puppy!

New Sandbox

I am always thinking of fun things to get around the house for Brock to do. Yep, a sandbox came to mind. I had to really convince Randy to build me one. He wasn't so sure about it. Guess what? Brock LOVES it. Thanks Daddy!

Fun in the Sun

Grab the hats,

Sunblock, swimsuits, friends,

& Popsicle's because....Summer here we come!

Monday, May 18, 2009

So Far Behind

We have been so busy! I am so far behind on blogging I can not believe it. So this is what we have been up to. Sorry about the long post.

Every Other 3rd Weekend

Every other 3rd weekend a month ,we head up to Burley, Idaho to visit Randy's Dad and his wife Linda. It is always a joy to see them. Linda always makes the best meals. Yummy.

This time it was warm enough to enjoy the out doors. We played lawn darts, hit golf balls, and road the 4-wheeler. Oh, we also went over and saw some baby mink. That was very educating.

Brock and Kailee are the best of cousin's. They have good times and bad times. It is great intertainment :)
Thank You so much Grandma and Grandpa for the wonderful time. We will see you in July!

Mothers Day

For Mother's Day Randy built me my garden boxes. I am so excited plant my first garden and to see it grow. With the help of my sister Erin, we planted many veggies from, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, sugar snap peas, onion, green onion, cilantro, carrot's and many others. I have to cross my fingers that it grows!!! If you have any gardening tips please share. I am new to this and would love any advice.
Motherhood is the best thing in the world. I would be so ungrateful if I didn't Thank Heather and David for giving me the chance to be a mother. They have given us the most precious gift in the world and I love them for that. I remember 3 years ago on Mother's Day going to Church. Randy was home sick that day so I had to go all alone. At that time our calling was in the primary teaching CTR 5 class. As soon as I got through the door in Sacrament Meeting the tears started filling my eyes. As I sat and listened to the speakers and the primary sing I could not help but look at all the women with children and how I wanted to be a mother so badly. I thought my day would never come. I ended up crying that whole day. The primary president sent me home because she understood the hard ache I was enduring. Little did I know that Heather was pregnant with Brock, and that I would be a mother the following January. I know that Heavenly Father truly answers prayers. He knows and understands the hard ache everyone faces at some point in their life. I am so proud to be Brock's mom. He is truly my light. I Love You Brock.

After a great dinner, we headed over to Wheeler Farm. Brock loved all the animals. He is trying to learn all the sounds of the animals. Right now he thinks that every animal is a cow and every animal says MOOO:) You can see the wheels turning in that little brain of his. It's so cute. He is on the Tractor with Grandpa Hink and Bryson.

Yard Work

We have been working so hard in our front and side yard. We really want to whip it in to shape this year. This is what we have done so far. Thanks to my brother Zack and his knowledge about landscaping it's all coming together. If you need landscaping ideas Click here. Zack would love to help.

Brock loves to be outside digging in the dirt with us. We dug this whole for a pine tree. It was just their size.
Brock's new toy is the 4-wheeler. Everytime he sees or hears it, he says "ride". I guess he loves the wind blowing in his face. My job is to give him rides all night long.
The Big Diet
Last but not least....Randy and I have been on a big diet. After 9 years of married we packed a little bit of weight on. We decided it was time. I have lost 21 lbs and Randy has lost a whopping 50 lbs. My Ideal weight would be 160-165. Only 10 more pounds to go! And Randy wants to be at 220. 30 more lbs. I am so proud of Randy for being so motivated. The hard part is going to be, to maintain and keep the weight off. Wish us luck. I will post pictures soon. (only of Randy of course.)