Thursday, May 21, 2009

So Far Behind-Part 2

Lexie's Pups

This is one out of the 5 puppies of Lexie's liter, and YES he is ours. We named him Diesel. Brock loves him accept when he bites or scratches him. We are trying to discipline Diesel not to do that. You gotta love having a puppy!

New Sandbox

I am always thinking of fun things to get around the house for Brock to do. Yep, a sandbox came to mind. I had to really convince Randy to build me one. He wasn't so sure about it. Guess what? Brock LOVES it. Thanks Daddy!

Fun in the Sun

Grab the hats,

Sunblock, swimsuits, friends,

& Popsicle's because....Summer here we come!

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