Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Halloween Time

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE Holiday's. I loved it as a child. I have some great memories and traditions that I hope can be passed to Brock. This year Brock is a TIGER..


Randy and I are an outlet and plug. I thought sense Randy is in the construction business this would suit us great....HA HA!! We have 3 Halloween Parties this year! I will post a video of them soon.


Henich Family said...

So cute! Love the costumes. Great idea ha ha ha ha


love the costumes too!!!

Hinckley Family said...

Count on Me to think dirty about the costumes! I swear its my curse. We missed you on Halloween we didnt even get to really celebrate it. Even though we were on a fun cruise, its way better to be with the whole family!

TAYBEL said...

I saw that costume online a while ago and thought I bet Rachel & Randy would wear something like that. I was right!