Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Finally Updated

Sorry it's been awhile for those of you who follow our blog. It has been a fun and crazy month, so here is a look back at what we have been up too...


Christmas was very low key this year. We hung out with both the families and just enjoyed the time together. This year instead of drawing names for each other we thought it would be fun to do Sub for Santa. We did this on both sides of the family and it was amazing to help those less fortunite then us. I hope we do that every year.

To start the Holiday off we wanted to take Brock to the ZOO LIGHTS. I loved it and so did Brock, but Randy didn't like it so much. If you haven't gone before you will have to go and see for yourself.
Christmas morning was a blast! Brock was so excited to see what was in his stocking, he knew right what to do.

This was Brock's gift from Santa. It's a race car track....Loved it! Score.

Of course daddy had to give him some tools of his own.....Loved it! We scored again.

This is how Brock looked all Christmas. New PJ's, cape (with the letter B on the back), and flashlight. I think those were his favorite gifts.
Merry Belated Christmas Everyone!


That's right I turned 30 on January 9th. I can not believe I am this old! Thank you to all my friends on Face book for all the Birthday wishes. It turned out to be a great day:) I am excited to see what the next 10 years brings.


Mommy Heather and some of her family came to visit Brock for his 2nd Birthday! We had fun seeing and getting to know Heather more. She was able to meet both sides of our families. Our families were very excited to meet and Thank her for placing Brock with us. He is one LOVED little boy.

Brock and Mommy Heather

The Gossett Family

Heather and her sis. loved riding our 4-wheeler...we could hardly get them off of it. We can see where Brock gets all his energy from:)

Thank You Heather for the great time and allowing Randy and I to be Brock's parents! We love him so much! We are very proud parents.