Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Learning Colors

I have been trying to teach Brock his colors for the past little while, and he doesn't quite remember. I decided he really needed some sit down time, take 15 min. out of my day to help him learn them.

We don't have flip cards so I found construction paper and wrote the color of each paper on them. I spread them out on the floor...

...He loves to color so I told him to find the Orange paper to color on and guess what? He found it and started coloring. I continued on and on. He was only confused on 3 of them. Red, Pink and Yellow. I am so proud of him:)

I then used them as flip cards so he could tell me the colors. This is a picture of him pointing at the card saying the color. It was a lot of fun and he did great! I little more work and he will be a pro.
*I know, I know...Who lets their 2 year old color with a magic marker? Shamefully I do :0

Play-Dough Fun

For Brock's Birthday Grandma gave him some play-dough. He sure does love it! When I watch Bryson on Monday's it's one of their favorite activities.

I like that it helps them use their creativity.

Everything Brock's makes is a hot dog, so he says.

Bryson loves the Spaghetti maker.

Here is what Bryson created. ????

I love these two boys! They are funny.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Count Is...

Let me just tell you how heavy the bags were to carry out to the car. They were REALLY HEAVY. I told my self I should wait for Randy....but I couldn't wait any longer. So off to the bank Brock & I went. When we got there stupid me didn't realize that I would have to carry the bags inside, luckily I had Brock's stroller in the car. So I piled all of the bags in the stroller that I could hardly push. When I went in I thought they would put the money in the machine....come to find out I had to do it, and we didn't have to separate the coins after all. Oh-well, at least Randy got out all of the coins he is IN LOVE with:) Brock loved helping me put all of his money in the machine to be counted. When the machine got noisy from doing it's thing, Brock would say "I hear it". So stinkin' cute:) I could not believe how dirty our hands were after all that....It was well worth it. We ended up with $692.89 to deposit in his account. YEAH!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Money, Money, Money....MONEY!

Randy bought this jar at a antique shop about 8 years ago and we have been saving all of our coins sense then. We didn't know at first what we were going to do with the money, but as we started thinking we thought of Brock and how his savings account would love to have this money in we are giving all the money to Brock. Brock was over joyed with excitement when we started to dump all the money on the floor. He couldn't wait to start touching all the coins. We called the bank and they said we needed to separate all the coins so they could put it in their counting machine.....So we did just that...

...It took us a couple of days to separate the coins, but we finally finished...

...Along the way of separation Randy came across some unique coins he had forgotten about. He was really excited to look at all of them...I didn't know he liked coins so much.? :)...

...We finally got them all separated in their very own zip lock bag. We hope they don't bust through the bottom. We went the extra mile to weigh them. The dimes and nickels weigh about 8-9 lbs, quarters weigh 21 lbs, and the pennies weigh a whopping 28 lbs. We then got online to see if we could determine from the weight of the coins how much money we have. It seems we are going to have around 6-$700.00. We are totally stoked for this. It will be awesome to add to Brock's savings account for his future. We will be taking the coins to the bank on Monday to find out how much lute we have...

...So for a fun game...How much money do you think there is?...

...Back in 1999 my mom gave us this...
Collector's Album
Twenty Five Cent Coins
Minted 1999-2008
Honoring the Fifty United States of America
My mom will be proud we finished it! Randy's face doesn't look to exciting in the picture, but he was very excited! How much do you like his Kyle Corver hairstyle? Lol.