Monday, February 22, 2010

Learning Colors

I have been trying to teach Brock his colors for the past little while, and he doesn't quite remember. I decided he really needed some sit down time, take 15 min. out of my day to help him learn them.

We don't have flip cards so I found construction paper and wrote the color of each paper on them. I spread them out on the floor...

...He loves to color so I told him to find the Orange paper to color on and guess what? He found it and started coloring. I continued on and on. He was only confused on 3 of them. Red, Pink and Yellow. I am so proud of him:)

I then used them as flip cards so he could tell me the colors. This is a picture of him pointing at the card saying the color. It was a lot of fun and he did great! I little more work and he will be a pro.
*I know, I know...Who lets their 2 year old color with a magic marker? Shamefully I do :0

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Henich Family said...

that is awesome way to go BROCK!