Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Terrific Tuesday's are Back!

Aquarium (pet store in Sandy)
Last week Cali joined us with baby Oakland. She mentioned there was this pet store we could go and see the animals. It was AWESOME! So many reptiles and fish to see.

Baby Oakland with her amazing mom, our sister-in-law Cali.

We asked one of the employee's if they would get a turtle out to hold. He said "this turtle would get up to be 100 lbs". I asked "where in the world do you house a turtle that big?" He said "in the back yard in a dog house".

Next we wanted to visit our nephew/cousin Baby Mac, so we stop at the store to pick up some flowers. Brock and Bryson saw this ride (luckily I had a few quarters), they loved it! We should have just called this Terrific Tuesday, we could not get them off it. Brock was so happy he was doing this head jerk dance that was hilarious. .50 and they were in heaven.
Brock saying Hi to his cousin Mac.


We thought it would be fun to take the boys to the Airport to see the planes take off. They loved it.

There was this sand hill they played on. Noticed I spelled "Broks" name wrong. Silly me.

Brock doing what he loves to do.

After, we went to surprise our mom at work. She is a school teacher. When we walked in her class Brock wanted to be just like the other kids, he wanted to sit and color.

Wheeler Farm

Brock and Bryson taking a tractor ride.

This goose loves food as much as Brock. I didn't get the shot but the goose bit Brock trying to get his food. Geese scare me.

This is the coolest tree ever! Lots of nook and crannies to go through.

All that Brock has on his mind is food. If you ever want him to do something, just pull out something to eat, he will be your best friend. He gets into this daze when he is eating, look at his face.

Brock trying to feed this pig his pear.

If you don't know by now, Brock loves getting dirty. He could careless about his clothes, and to tell you the truth I could careless too. I love watching him and his energy. He is a boy who needs to get into things.


Henich Family said...

Torrey is waiting to hear about the next one......

Jake said...

I love the photo effect you used on these photos. What program did you use?