Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday AMERICA!

Saturday July 3rd at 6:00 am we headed to the Balloon Festival.
It was to windy for the balloons to fly. The pilots would keep trying to blow them up when a big gust of wind would come and knock the balloon to the ground. I guess one fell on a crowd of people, because the sound they made while screaming scared me, like we were under attack or something. Some people are too funny.

Brock loved when the pilot would blow the hot air in the balloon.

Our choice is Allstate.

I don't remember what we ended up doing between the Festival and the fireworks, so...

...I thought it would be yummy to eat scones while we watched the fireworks.
They were so Delicious to the taste:)

Uncle Ike showed Brock how to light the smoke bombs and snakes. This is right up Brock's ally. He was in heaven.

I remember as a child the fireworks being so much more cool. Kind of a waste of money, but worth it for Brock. It's all about the memories:)

Grandpa Hink was making Brock laugh so hard that night. I actually got a picture of it. So cute.

On Monday the 5th, Randy and I ran a 5k. I think I am addicted. I was so proud of myself and Randy. When I know our times and get some pictures of the run I will post them.
It was a AWESOME weekend!

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TAYBEL said...

That is such a good picture of Dad and Brock.