Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MiSsInG bRySoN

Brock and Bryson are the best of buds. For almost 2 years now Brock and Bryson have seen each other almost every day. It has been so easy sense the Miller Family lived down stairs. We are sad, but happy for my sister Erin and her husband Mike purchased a new home in Midvale. They moved out last weekend and Brock is going through with-drawls not being able to see Bryson. Nearly every morning he wants to go see Bryson. So, I send him down stairs to the empty basement and he comes up very sad and says to me "where did Bryson go"?, "where are all Bryson's toys?" I keep reminding him that Bryson is at his new house. Even though we will see Bryson at Terrific Tuesday's and at family parties, we are sure going to miss the little guy. We will also miss Erin and Mike. Our house feels a little empty with out them. We have enjoyed the time we have had with the Miller's. We are excited for you and we hope you love your new place.


Erin said...

Ah....thanks! That was so cute! Bryson is taking his bath right now and I can hear him in there talking to himself saying, "Brock I missed you! You are going to come to my house and I'm going to go to your house." Brock needs to come over and see Bryson's new room sometime soon.

Erin said...

I couldn't watch the video when I first replied (it wasn't showing) but I just got done watching it and it totally made me cry. Bryson sure misses Brock too! Thanks for letting us camp out in your basement for so long. We'll miss being so close to you guys too!

Anonymous said...

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