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I'm a Big Kid Now

Well we survived the potty training! Thanks to the book, 3 Day Potty Training. This book had some great techniques. It taught us how to talk to Brock in terms he would understand and how to make this a positive happy journey. I won't lie, I wanted to rip my hair out a few times, but I remembered what the book taught me and everything worked out for the best.
A week before we started I started introducing the potty to Brock. We read books and watched movies about the potty. We made a count down chain, that Brock loved.

In the book it tells you to let them throw the diapers away. I think it helped. From day one we told ourselves once we go undies we are not going back. The book says no pull-ups. They say it confuses the child. I am proud to say we didn't use them once. It has been one month now and he has only woke up wet twice. I think that is pretty good:)

This is his new toy for pooping in the potty. He liked it for only 10 mins. I don't know why I buy him toys? He would rather play with abc chewed gum, cigarette butts, dirt, wrappers, and anything yucky he finds on the ground. I should have collected those items and gave those to him. He probably would still be playing with them to this day. Funny boy.

Brock loves his new undies. He thinks it's a holster for his toys. He cracks us up.

Nooo... that is not dog pee and poop! Yes he still has accidents, but every week that goes by gets better. At least in this picture he pulled down his pants and undies. ha ha
Way-to-go Brock! We are so proud of you!
Your a big boy now!