Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Our Thanksgiving was great! We traveled up to Washington State to have Thanksgiving with Randy's brother Kevin and his family. We were nervous that Chanel would go into labor....She didn't, so it all worked out. The whole weekend was perfect. We just relaxed and laughed our heads off. We did attempt to do black Friday for the first time. We saw some great deals at Toys R Us, so we decided to go and check it out. When we drove up there was a line wrap around the store! We could not believe it. The temp. was 18 degrees. Randy said he would wait in line for us if we wanted to wait in the truck. How sweet was he?. I new I married the right man:) He was in line for one hour. When he got close to the door my two sister-in-laws and I met up with him. It was freezing! I don't know how all those people did it. It was crazy in side. After all the shopping we saved 35$. I don't know if that was worth it, but it was fun. Thanks for the great time Kevin and Susan! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Nursery

Hello everyone! This is Chanel. Isn't she gorgeous?....And have I told you how amazing, wonderful, incredible she is? This young lady had a baby shower a few weeks ago, received a lot of loot and gave it all to me. WOW! I invited her over to help with the nursery. It was awesome. This is how it turned out. (I would love to paint, but because time in limited it will have to wait.)

The sleeping quarters. Chanel received these two blankets that went perfect with the bedding. So cute!

This boy has it made! All these clothes are from her shower and I still have all Brocks baby clothes to hang up. He is going to be stylin'.

The stinky area. ha ha So, you see she is amazing:) It was a lot of fun having her help me. We are so blessed. Thank you Chanel and we LOVE you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Come Again" "Really?"

Hello Family and Friends,

We have some very exciting news to share. We Are EXPECTING! It's a Boy! He is due to arrive on December 1st.

Here's the story:

We got a phone call from a childhood friend (Aaron D.) telling us he felt inspired to call us about a young women in his ward, who is pregnant. Their Bishop asked Chanel (birth mother) if it would be OK if this AWESOME couple from Lehi called her. Chanel kinda rolled her eyes and said "sure". We were a little hesitate, but we called her. Randy called first. He said he was so nervous and sweaty. After his call with Chanel, he called me and said "that did not go well at all". He was wrong. Chanel loved his dorky personality. (Who doesn't love Randy?) I called about 2 hours later. I was so nervous. It was going good and then came the awkward pause, but I got through it. We told her if she wanted to meet we would love to do that, or if she just needed someone to talk to, we would be there. A few days later, I texted her to wish her a Happy Halloween and to see how she was doing. A few days after that we got a text from her saying she would love to meet us before she made any decision. I called our case-worker and she told us not to get our hopes up because she was planning on keeping her baby. I told our case-worker "if it's right the Lord will provide the way." We were still very excited to meet with her for the first time (at Chili's). Our first meeting was fun and a little awkward at times. ha ha We never talked about adoption with her, we let her direct the conversation. It was perfect. We got to know her and her family. We found out she knows my dad. She went to Riverton High where my dad works. Chanel had him for Drivers Ed and P.E. My dad said "he remembered cutting her a few deals with her grades". ha ha When we left the restaurant we hugged and she gave us the most delicious sugar cookies ever! We didn't know what was in store next.....A couple of days went by. We could not stop talking about how we felt when we were talking with her. I kept telling Randy that her and I have a great connection. I felt prompted to text her and see if she wanted to come over to our home for dinner. I did not ignore the prompting. Chanel said "YES, I would love that". Last night was the night all of our lives changed. After dinner she said she had a present for Brock. She brought a bag over to the table and pulled out a coloring book and crayons for Brock, then she pulled out those delicious sugar cookies for us, then she pulled out this little outfit. In my mind I thought...that won't fit Brock? Duh.. She said... "and this outfit is for Brocks new little brother". Time was frozen. It took our breath away, we were not expecting that. Randy said "come again"? I said "really?" With tears feeling all of our eyes we hugged. The spirit was so strong you could not deny that this was the right decision. What an amazing young women. To be so in tuned to the spirit, to put aside all of her feelings and her desires of wanting to keep her baby. For this young women to have enough faith and trust in the Lord, to not ignore those feelings is so incredible.

For those of you struggling with infertility stay close to the Lord. I have a strong testimony of faith. He will provide miracles when you are least expecting it. He will help you through these tough times. We are a testament of that. Chanel and Heather have changed our lives forever through the MIRACLE OF ADOPTION. We are going to have the most cutest little boys ever! We are so excited to expand our family yet again. We love you Chanel!