Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Little Family


a journey to forever

Brody is 3 weeks old!

Brody is perfect in every way. He makes us smile everyday. He is a joy to have in our home. We are honored to call him our son. Happy 3 weeks Brody! We love you.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Happy Holiday's

Brody came just in time for the Holiday's to make this one of the best Christmases we have ever had. Our two boys are both great gifts, but to have one so close to Christmas was amazing. We couldn't help but think of our Savior's love and what he has done for us. He truly has blessed us this Holiday Season.
The presents under the tree:)

Brock loves Randy's tools. We are glad Santa knew that and brought him this awesome tool bench of his very own. It even has a cordless drill that Brock loves:)

Brock was in heaven from the loot in his stocking. Santa made a mistake and brought him to much candy. He had a really bad tummy ache by the end of the day.

Brody scored on Christmas! He is only 18 days old and look what he got. He is one loved little boy. Mommy Chanel gave him some toys, and he even got some money from grandpa and grandma Mellor...Lucky boy.

This was a "hopper" hot item Brock received from Grandma. Check it out.

Our two beautiful boys on Christmas day. It is a joy to have them both:)

Randy's family was in town for the Holiday's and it's a tradition for them to go skiing/snowboarding. The nice wife I am decided he could go, after all he is a hard worker:) When Randy got out his snowboarding equipment Brock was very interested in trying on his boots. I am sure glad kids are flexible....OUCH!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We have met so many wonderful people this Christmas. We would like to Thank all of you for the love and support you have shown. It means so much.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brody is 2 weeks!

Brody is 2 weeks old. We can not believe it. We know it's only been 2 weeks, but it feels like we have had him forever:) Chanel and I took him to his 2 week check-up. He is one healthy boy....Yeah! His weight was- 8 lbs 12 0z-49%, height-20.5 in-43%. He is doing great said Dr. Mumford. He is eating 2-3 oz. And just look at his head strength! We are so proud of him. Thank you Chanel for delivering a healthy baby boy. We are so grateful to our birth mothers who have brought us 2 healthy boys.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mommy Chanel & Daddy Devin's visit

Saturday night we had the pleasure to have Chanel and Devin over. We know Chanel pretty well, but we loved getting to know Devin. We found out he is a huge Jazz fan! Yeah. He also help build the Riverton Hospital where Brody was born...way cool. It was fun watching them both study Brody and see what traits they passed along to him. At one point Brody needed a diaper change, so Chanel took it into her hands to do it:) While she was changing him, his umbilical cord fell off. I thought it was awesome she was there to witness it. We are so Thankful to Chanel and Devin for wanting to be a part of Brody's life. We know it will help them both and help Brody. As he grows and learns to understand where he comes from and why he likes the Jazz so much:) ha ha And why he has those green eyes? (we hope, sorry Devin) ha ha... Maybe he'll play in the NBA? :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Brody's Over Protective Big Brother

Bringing Brody home we were a little worried how Brock was going to adapt to him. We were worried for nothing. He has been so great. He always wants to know where he is. He will search around the house, in his crib, in my arms and if I don't have him he will say "where's Brody?". He loves to hold and give him hugs and kisses. It's like they knew each other in heaven and he knew he was coming. (Which I believe to be true) Brock is very protective over Brody. When people come to visit him, Brock will tell them "you can't hold her!". (Brock's pronouns are still mixed up:) ) The other day I had grandma watch Brody for an hour so I could do my calling for activity days. Brock was a sleep. I was right in the middle of teaching these girls about developing talents when Brock wakes up from his nap. I sent him down to grandma (FYI-Randy's mom/grandma lives in our basement) so I could finish with the lesson without any interruptions. All of a sudden I heard Brock kicking and screaming. I found out later that when he saw grandma holding Brody he thought she took him for good. He told her to take "her" back up-stairs and that it's his Brody. He came crying to me and said "grandma has Brody? Will she give "her" back?" I just smiled and giggled and reassured Brock that Brody will come back. How sweet Brock has been to Brody. He is taking on the big brother role very well.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brody is 1 Week Old!

Look how stinkin' cute he is! I just can't get enough of him. He is a really good baby. We got so lucky! I always tell Chanel, "what ever you did worked."

This is after his first bath at home. Look at that hair! He is all warm and ready for bed in his cocoon.

I love when he is awake. Of course it doesn't last long. He has gorgeous eyes!

Daddy taking a nap with the little guy. Precious.

Brock is the best big brother. He always wants to "pet her head" he says. Brock has his pronouns mixed up...we are working on that. He wants to show him all of his toys and loves to give him kisses:)

Granny Goose and Brody. She has been a big help for the last couple of days. She took Brock home one night. She came and watched the two boys, so I could take a nap. It was awesome! Thank You Mom! She can't get enough of him either:)

We had so many visitors over the weekend. We loved it! This is Brody's cousin Zyan. She loves him and wanted to hold him all night. Her and my sister Erin would fight over whose turn it was. It was pretty funny.

Aunt Heather and cousin Zoey. Zoey loves dolls. She thought Brody was a big doll and that she could do what ever she wanted to him. So cute.

This is the Dejong family, who knows Chanel. They played a big part in this amazing process. We will be forever grateful to them.

Aunt Angie and cousin kailee. Brody is going to have so many cousins from both sides of the families to play with.
Chanel came over last night to visit Brody (grrr...I forgot to get a picture of them.) and I was telling her that it has only been a week and I feel like Brody has been with us forever. She looked up and agreed that she was thinking the same thing. We are so grateful for Chanel, we are so grateful for Brody, for finding his way to us. It truly is a miracle. When things are right and meant to be, they fall right into place. We are truly blessed.
Thank you to everyone who came to visit. We know we are loved, not only by you, but by our Heavenly Father:)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Brody Keidan Mellor

Born on December 8, 2010
7:00 pm
8 lbs 4 0z
20 in long

Words can not express the love and gratitude we have for Devin, Chanel and her family. Over the past 6 weeks we have had the opportunity to witness the Lord's hand in the miracle of adoption. We are so happy to be apart of the adoption world. We are honored that Chanel chose us to be Brody's parents. She is an incredible young women.
Chanel invited us to be the the delivery room. I was so excited. Randy was a little nervous, because he does not do so well with blood and needles. He was so glad he tuft it out because it was a beautiful thing. I was the lucky one who cut the cord. It brings tears to my eyes that Chanel was so open for us to be there and that she went through 3 hours of pushing and puking all for us. That is something we will never forget. To witness the miracle of the birth of Brody was breathtaking. Thank you so much Chanel. It means more than you will ever know.

Chanel has the greatest family! We feel like we have known them forever. The love we feel from them is so great. This is their first grand child and to see them put all of there thoughts and emotions a side and let Chanel make her decision was so strengthening to us. They truly wanted what was best for Chanel and Brody. We love you guys for letting us fill of your love.

When I saw Brody for the first time, tears filled my eyes. He was so beautiful. I couldn't help but fill love for him. He is truly a blessing in our lives.

How we chose Brody's name: I have loved the name Brody for a while and when I said it to Randy he liked it too. Chanel was going to name him Keidan, so in honor of her we kept it as his middle name. Brock and Brody will have the same initials BKM. Brock Kylen and Brody Keidan. We thought that was so cute:)

Brock is going to be an awesome big brother! When I told him it was time to go and meet Brody, he got all giddy inside and could not stop giggling. It was so cute.

We had the opportunity to meet Brody's birth father, Devin. We were so happy to have met him and to tell him Thank You. Every body plays a part in this miracle and we could not be more grateful to him. Thank You so much Devin. We love you.

The day we were able to bring Brody home was a very emotional day. I woke up that day in tears. Chanel is the greatest example to me of love and unselfishness. I love her so much for the sacrifice she has made. Watching her hand her son to me was bitter sweet. We know Chanels decision was what she wanted for her and Brody. The spirit was so strong, we could all fill the love she has for him. The Lord truly had a had in this. I want to Thank everyone who was involved with the process. I also want to thank everyone for supporting Chanel in her decision. I know it means the world to her and it means the world to us. Chanel you are amazing. Thank you for your beautiful son. He has so many people who love him.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mike & Erin are Hoping to Adopt

My sister Erin and her husband Mike have just been approved to adopt. Yeah! We are so excited for them. Please help us spread the word, so we can help them find the newest member of their famiy. To visit their profile click here. To visit their blog click here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Temple Lights

Before the baby comes we thought we should go down town to see the lights with Brock. We took trax downtown. Brock was the life of the party on the train. He is starting to show off when others are watching. We met up with my sister Erin, Mike and Bryson.

Brock and Bryson were so intrigued by this guy with the bag pipes. Brock went right up to him and wanted to see this thing that made noise. The nice man stop playing, knelt down and started showing the boys how the instrument made noise. Randy and I even enjoyed it. That was sure nice of him.

Maybe one of the last family pictures with just the 3 of us:)

We stopped in at the Desert Book Store for some hot chocolate. The boys loved all of the fun Christmas books.

Beautiful downtown. It was a very peaceful and relaxing night. I had a time to reflect on how blessed and grateful we are during this Holiday Season.