Friday, December 17, 2010

Brody's Over Protective Big Brother

Bringing Brody home we were a little worried how Brock was going to adapt to him. We were worried for nothing. He has been so great. He always wants to know where he is. He will search around the house, in his crib, in my arms and if I don't have him he will say "where's Brody?". He loves to hold and give him hugs and kisses. It's like they knew each other in heaven and he knew he was coming. (Which I believe to be true) Brock is very protective over Brody. When people come to visit him, Brock will tell them "you can't hold her!". (Brock's pronouns are still mixed up:) ) The other day I had grandma watch Brody for an hour so I could do my calling for activity days. Brock was a sleep. I was right in the middle of teaching these girls about developing talents when Brock wakes up from his nap. I sent him down to grandma (FYI-Randy's mom/grandma lives in our basement) so I could finish with the lesson without any interruptions. All of a sudden I heard Brock kicking and screaming. I found out later that when he saw grandma holding Brody he thought she took him for good. He told her to take "her" back up-stairs and that it's his Brody. He came crying to me and said "grandma has Brody? Will she give "her" back?" I just smiled and giggled and reassured Brock that Brody will come back. How sweet Brock has been to Brody. He is taking on the big brother role very well.

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Jill said...

How adorable! I agree. They definitely were friends in heaven. :)