Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mommy Chanel & Daddy Devin's visit

Saturday night we had the pleasure to have Chanel and Devin over. We know Chanel pretty well, but we loved getting to know Devin. We found out he is a huge Jazz fan! Yeah. He also help build the Riverton Hospital where Brody was born...way cool. It was fun watching them both study Brody and see what traits they passed along to him. At one point Brody needed a diaper change, so Chanel took it into her hands to do it:) While she was changing him, his umbilical cord fell off. I thought it was awesome she was there to witness it. We are so Thankful to Chanel and Devin for wanting to be a part of Brody's life. We know it will help them both and help Brody. As he grows and learns to understand where he comes from and why he likes the Jazz so much:) ha ha And why he has those green eyes? (we hope, sorry Devin) ha ha... Maybe he'll play in the NBA? :)

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