Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brody is 2 Months Today

Brody is the cutest baby! Wait, so was Brock, but today it's all about Brody. Brody has changed a lot over the last few weeks. He is getting a little chub to his bones, which I like. He is cooing and smiling a ton. He is kicking his legs 100 miles per hour. I have noticed that when he sleeps he loves to have his head turned on his left side. He is most comfortable that way. I know when he's hungry and when he wants time to him self. He is sleeping all the way through the night! :) :) There is not one thing I can complain about. He is perfect in every way. We are so lucky Chanel chose us to be his parents. We thank her and Devin everyday for placing the cutest little baby to be apart of our family. We love you.

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