Thursday, February 17, 2011

Growing Boys

Brock's 3 Year Check-up

I took the boys (I love saying "the boys") in today for their check-ups with Dr. Mumford. Brock had his 3 year check-up. He is doing awesome. Dr. Mumford was so impressed with him. He passed the eye exam and pointed to the right shapes when he was asked what they were. Brock had to get one shot today. We let Brody go first so Brock could watch. Then the nurse asked Brock if he wanted a turn. To her surprise he said "yes". As soon as his pants were down the nurse gave him the shot. With tears in his eyes and a surprised look on his face he said "did she just give me a shot?" I said "yes". When he knew it was true that's when the crying began. Luckily it didn't last long at all. He did awesome. Brock is a growing boy! Check out his stats:
Height: 39 in-84%
Weight: 34 lbs-78%
Brody's 2 Month Check-up

Brody is made of steel! He did awesome at his check-up today as well. Dr. Mumford was impressed with his growth. They were surprised when they measured his height, they said "that can't be right?", so they measured again and it was the same outcome. He did have to get 3 shots today. He is a tough little boy, only cried a few seconds. Check out his unbelievable stats:
Height: 23 in-40%
Weight: 13.5 lbs-81%
Head Circumference: 16.25 in-73%
Brody grew 3 in. and gained 5 lbs in 2 months. Wow! What can I say our boys are good eaters.
We are so grateful to have healthy boys. We are very proud of them and their development.

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