Sunday, March 13, 2011

Date Night with Brock

Brock and I went on a date night with his cousin Kailee and his aunt Angie to see Disney on Ice. Randy and Brody stayed back at home to have a little male bounding time. Brock and Kailee were excited to ride on the train (Trax).

Aunt Angie bought Brock and Kailee cotton n' candy. The candy came with these Mickey Mouse hats. They loved looking like Mickey Mouse.

Finally the show started. It was spectacular! Brock was glued the whole time. We saw Mickey Mouse and his friends, all the princesses, all the villians and then he saw......

...Jesse and Woody! He was so excited. I have never seen him smile that big before. When the night was over I asked him what his favorite part was? He said "seeing Jesse". I loved re-living my childhood through his eyes.

Thanks for the great date Brock! I loved spending time with you. Great memories with great people. Hopefully it can be a yearly tradition:)

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