Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome Home Randy!

Gosh...it's good to have Randy home! Some of you are probably wondering, where did he go?. Well, Randy has been working out of town for the past 8 months. Randy has been working in the construction industry for a while now and these last couple of years have been really scary, due to the economy. We are so GRATEFUL for the wonderful company he works for to keep him busy, even though it was out of town. We count our blessings every day for the work in Castledale. Randy started working out of town last June until now. He would wake up Monday morning at 5:00 am, load up his truck and drive 2 1/2 hours to Castledale, Utah. He would return home on Thursday night, late. I was OK with it at first, because it was just me and Brock. Then another miracle came into our lives, Brody:) That's when it got hard. K, that came out wrong. Brody didn't make it hard, I was out numbered. I felt like a single woman, doing it all by myself. It wasn't easy. I give a standing applaud to all the single women out there doing it alone. It was only 4 days out of the week he was gone, but it seemed like forever. In a nut shell....We are so happy to have him home every night. Our home is back to the way I remember. The boys love it, and I love it. Welcome Home Daddy!


TAYBEL said...

It seems like he's been gone forever!

Derek & Whitney said...

woo hoo! welcome home daddy :) haha jk