Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little R & R in Moab

While most of you were in the rain and snow, we were in 80 degree weather! For Memorial Day weekend, we headed to Moab Utah with the Hinckley side of the family. It's the most beautiful and funnest place on earth. Here we are at a beautiful water hole. It is about a 1 mile hike in the hot 80 degree weather, but way worth it in the end:) While we were hiking to the water hole life-flight came and took a girl away who broke both of her ankles jumping into the water. Ouch! Her friend pushed her and she landed in shallow water. I was nervous because Randy jumped....he is ok. If you ever come here....NO PUSHING!

Racing to the top of this red sand mountain. Aunt Cali won!

Grandpa Hink and Brody. Grandpa Hink is an amazing Grandpa and father. He always finds time to play with all his grand kids one-on-one. I love this picture btw!

We went JEEPING! This is why we love Moab so much. It is very relaxing until you come to an obstacle then your nerves start to kick in. The thrill you get when you make it to the top is incredible! It is amazing to be out in the open red rock and see just how beautiful this world is. Amazing!

Cute thing: While jeeping we stopped for lunch in this red rock cave and while we were eating Brock starts crying. He looked up at everyone and said "I had a accident, I pooped my pants." It was the cutest thing. I guess for a 3 year old when you know there is no bathroom, you just go:) Good thing I brought an extra pair of undies.

We went to a park and had a little to much fun:) Can't you just eat little Brody up? Brock is a curious and hungry little boy. He decided to eat mulberries from a tree. It stained his cloths and body. A few minutes later he was playing catch with aunt Heather when he turned his head and the ball smacked him right on the nose. Poor thing. Needless to say, Brock came home looking great:)

We went swimming. Brock loved it. He just stands in one spot and jumps up and down giggling, too cute. This was Brody's first time swimming, and guess what? He LOVED it. He was cooing up a storm and splashing his hands in the water smiling:) Way too cute! We love our boys!

We hiked up the red rock to see some dinosaur tracks. Way cool.

On Top of the World! Some of the Hinckley family. Thank you to everyone for the great time and memories. It was a BLAST!

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