Thursday, August 25, 2011

MOAB Part 2

We love Moab! We had another great week, with the Mellor side in Moab Utah. We went hiking to Delicate Arch, swimming in a water hole w/water fall, climbed an Indian ladder (pic. not shown), Jeeping, white water rafting, relaxed, Jeeping, and more Jeeping, went shopping, and had a blast! We rented an awesome condo, where 33 family members stayed. Brock was very fascinated with all the reptiles and insects in Moab. He loved to chase the lizards and try to catch them. He conquered and sadly tore the head off one. (We hope that is normal for a 3 year old boy?) Brody did awesome! He is happy no matter where he is. He just goes with the flow. We hope this can be a yearly tradition for us and the boys. They loved it and we loved it. Good times, great memories:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Months Ago

8 months ago Brody was born and was placed in our arms. We can't believe he is this big already. He is crawling everywhere and just a few days ago he started to pull himself up to things. He will be walking in no time. He loves to be where Brock is. Now that he can venture into other rooms of the house, he can find him quite quickly. Brody, you bring such a peace and joy into our family. We can't imagine life without you. We thank Chanel and Devin every day for the precious gift they shared with us. We love you Brody!

It has been like forever sense we saw cute Mommy Chanel. She came to visit the other day and we were so excited! We love watching her interact with Brody. We can see the love she has for him and her wanting the best for him. He will always know how much she loves him. It's also fun to see how happy she is and to learn about her plans for the future. She is one amazing women. Thanks for the visit Chanel! We have two of the best Birth Mothers in the world! We Love You!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beach/Pool Party? You be the judge.

Has it been hot or what? To stay cool we bought a pool! We thought it would be fun to have a beach/pool party. We already had sand (from our sandbox), so all we needed was a pool, music, and our Jeep. Let the party begin!