Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 9 Months Brody

Brody is 9 months old today. He is finally teething! He is getting his 2 bottom teeth at the same time. He is not a happy camper, but he is still the cutest thing. He loves to eat! This kid could eat all day if I let him. We don't know where he is putting all the food (maybe in his thighs? haha) . He is crawling everywhere and stands by himself until he realizes no one is holding him, then he will plop on his bottom. Last but not least he said his first word.....Dada. Randy is so thrilled! Brody's personality is really coming through this last month. He is a go getter. What ever he wants and is focused on, he will not give up until he has it. He is starting to really jabber, he wants to be heard. He hates when I leave the room...He may be a mama's boy:) Which I don't mind. He is so much fun to have in our family. We are so blessed. We love our little Brody!

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