Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brody Turns the Big ONE!

It's Brody's Birthday! He turned 1 on the 8th! This past year has been so wonderful. It seemed like yesterday when Mommy Chanel announced that she wanted Brody apart of our family. We were in SHOCK, but very excited. We will never forget the spirit we felt that night, testifying to us that Chanel's decision was the right decision. We are so blessed to be the ones to watch this little baby boy grow and develop perfectly. Brody brings such a sweet peace into our home. He makes us smile every day with his determined personality.
We had such a blast the night of his party. We were surrounded by family and friends who have supported us through both adoptions. We are so grateful for everyone who came. Brody is loving all the fun gifts. THANK YOU! To all of you who couldn't make it, we put together a video of the events that took place that day. Enjoy.


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