Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Friday at West Jordan's Veterans Memorial Park

This week we played at the Veteran's Memorial Park in West Jordan. This place is cool. It looks like a castle. Brock and Bryson were pretending to be Prince's, while Brody loved playing the the bark and going down slides. We brought a picnic and had a relaxing morning/afternoon. Thanks for the great company mom & Erin!

One of those Days...

Being an adoptive parent is fun, amazing, and awesome, but it has it's moments when you wonder if you are doing everything you can to be a great parent. And when you have a play date with thee amazing Birth Mom (Mommy Chanel) you want everything to go perfect or in reality ok. Well this day topped the charts. So here is the story. A week ago I planned to meet Mommy Chanel at Gardner Village for some lunch and to feed the ducks. Lunch was going good until Brody through the biggest fit in his 15 months being alive. I could not settle him. He was loud, everyone in the restaurant was starring. I took him outside to walk around, still crying...SCREAMING LOUD. I came back to the table and Chanel had finished eating so she offered to take him outside. I was grateful. Sometimes I think kids do better away from the parents. Of course thoughts cross my mind with what Chanel was thinking of me trying to calm him. And I just have to reassure or remind myself that I did all I could. Five or ten minutes pass and Chanel comes back with Brody as happy as he could be. She must have said a little something to him. Thank you Chanel!. After we ate we headed outside to find the ducks...

There weren't very many, in fact there where only 2 swan. So they ate like champs that day. Those of you with more than one child knows the feeling with being out numbered. That was the case this day. I could not control 3 kids. Brock and Kailee (cousin) were everywhere. Climbing on the rock walls, running by the pond, jumping across the pond, throwing sticks in the pond etc. Brody running, getting close to the water, eating things from the ground. They were all making me really nervous. The thought came to me one of these kids are going to fall in. Well it happened, 2 out of 3 fell in....
Brock lost his balance and fell or stepped in the pond. When his foot came out, I was disgusted with what attached to his shoe, and the horrific smell was awful. So worrying about Brock I somewhat forgot (I hate to say that) about Brody. I did not communicate to Chanel about me helping Brock. I took Brock's shoe and sock off, so I could put it in the "cleaner" water to get some of that poo mud (that's what Brock called it) off. When I was putting the shoe in the water I looked up to just seeing Brody's feet entering the water. Chanel was running to him and so was I. He went completely under the water, which seemed like forever until Chanel pulled in out. He was fine, in fact he held his breath. I was relieved. So those thoughts of being a good parent enter my mind. I wondered what she was thinking...if she thought this kind of stuff happened all the time to her precious little boy?. I could tell she was a little in shock. I was quite calm, surprisingly. I hugged her. I told her it's ok he is alive. I don't blame her one bit. Being his mother I should have communicated with her. I knew from experience, having a one year old you need to be by their side at all times, especially around water...
I am so grateful that this traumatic event didn't take a turn for the worse. Brody's here & Brock's here. I love these boys so much.. I would do anything for both of them. Sorry Chanel you had to be apart of that incident. May we both learn from that experience. I love you!.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Friday at The City Creek Center

Last Friday we decided to go and check out the new City Creek Center. I loved it! The atmosphere is incredible. There is so much to look at statues to live bands, water falls, streams, shops, food, and it's all through out the mall. We stopped in the Disney store and the boys LOVED it. They did a show where all the villians came and we called out for Tinkerbell to come and sprinkle pixie dust to save us all. Granny Goose bought all the boys 1 item from the store. Brock picked out a spider man figurine and Brody picked a bouncy ball. Thanks Granny Goose. It was a beautiful day to take the top of the Jeep. So we had fun cruising with the wind in our hair. Check out the mall if you haven't already. It was a fun field day. We love Fun Friday's!. (Thanks Erin for the pictures!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

What's up with the Mellor's?

It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.

Randy has been totally obsessed with our Jeep. He is out in the garage every night dreaming about what he wants to buy for our, no wait "my" Jeep. It is fun to watch him get so excited about accessories for the Jeep. He is like a kid in a candy store. He has been working on a couple of side jobs at night and with his earnings he purchased new bumpers for the Jeep. So here are the before and after. Don't tell him, but I really like them:)


Brody is turning into a little boy, sniff, sniff. Just over the last month I can totally see the growth in him. He has thinned out a little and is in 2T clothes. He grew 2 in. in the last 3 months! Here are his stats:
Height: 31.5 in. (61%)
Weight: 27 lbs. (94%)
Head Cir: 19 in. (86%)
Brody is loving playing with Brock and his cousin's. He is trying to talk. He is such a delight.

These two boys are the best! It is a joy for me to watch them play, tackle, laugh, and fight together. They love each other so much. It's been great weather to play a little outside. Brody got to ride in Brock's monster truck for the first time and absolutely loved it. In a few months we will teach him how to drive.
We have started up Fun Friday's and last Friday we went to The Living Planet Aquarium. It was great. They have improved and re-modeled a little which made it 10 times better than the last time we went.
This shows how silly of a kid Brock is. He is pre-tending to be dead by being hung. I don't know why, but he loves anything dead and bloody. Silly boy, who brings a smile every day to my face.

Brody loving being out of the stroller. He climbed on anything he could.
The boys checking out the penguins exhibit. It was my favorite part.
Bryson and Brock touching the sting rays. Brock said it felt soft and slimy.
Brody looking at all the fish. He was very intrigued.
Brock loved the Jelly fish. We always have a great time where ever we go. We are excited to do Fun Friday every week.
That is what we have been up to lately. I did leave out us all being sick for 2 weeks with the strep virus. That speaks for it's self. Not Fun! We are all well and happy and excited for the warm weather.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I come out from the kids room to find this. We were changing light bulbs and I guess after Brock's bath he decided to go for a climb. We love this boy!

Brody is 15 Months!

We love his big smile.
Pointing to his nose.
Brody is a busy boy. He loves to run, climb, open doors, read books, watch Baby Einstein and help mommy. He is a fast learner. He knows where his nose and ears are. He can say nana (banana), mama, dada, and I swear today he said ball. He knows a little sign language that I taught him. In sign he can say...more and eat, which has come in very handy. He loves to put things in the garbage, so if it's missing that is where I look first. Brody loves to be around people and knows what he wants. He is an awesome little boy that we just love so much.