Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Friday at The City Creek Center

Last Friday we decided to go and check out the new City Creek Center. I loved it! The atmosphere is incredible. There is so much to look at statues to live bands, water falls, streams, shops, food, and it's all through out the mall. We stopped in the Disney store and the boys LOVED it. They did a show where all the villians came and we called out for Tinkerbell to come and sprinkle pixie dust to save us all. Granny Goose bought all the boys 1 item from the store. Brock picked out a spider man figurine and Brody picked a bouncy ball. Thanks Granny Goose. It was a beautiful day to take the top of the Jeep. So we had fun cruising with the wind in our hair. Check out the mall if you haven't already. It was a fun field day. We love Fun Friday's!. (Thanks Erin for the pictures!)

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