Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Messing Around

Our new toy and Brock is already a pro.  With in a day of having the trampoline he was doing front flips.  He also tried a back flip, landed on his neck and scared mom and dad have to death.  We hope he listens and sticks to the front flip for now.

Aunt Angie let Brody barrow this fun little ride.  He absolutley loves it.   He can only put it in reverse, so hopefully he will figure out 1st gear.  Thanks aunt Angie!

Brock is making so many funny faces lately.  I can't go a day with out laughing, having him around. 

Brody cheesing it.  This little guy makes me smile too!  He is a softy.  I love my boys!  And did I say....We love the outdoors!

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Erin said...

Cute pictures! Bryson is dying to play with Brock. The whole time on our vacation Bryson kept saying, "I wish Brock was here..he'd love this!" It was cute.