Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sleep Talk

We had Chazz (cousin) sleep over last weekend.  Brock was in heaven and we enjoyed getting to know Chazz better.  He is a smart and hilarious boy.  We played a game in the car where we would hum a song and the others would have to guess it.  It was fun for me to hear what the boys wanted to hum, and they actually hummed so you could tell what the song was.  We drove past the Temple and Chazz wanted to sing a song.  I said ok, let's hear it.  I thought he was going to sing I love to see the Temple.  Instead he sang Kum-ba-ya.  I could not hold my laughter in at his song choice.  It was so funny.  It was cute to hear him sing the whole song.  He has a pretty good singing voice.  We learned he is a great drawer too.  I think Chazz has a few hidden talents.  Thanks for coming Chazz!  Brock Can't wait for you to sleep over again!   

Brody's a big boy!  We changed his crib into a toddler bed.  He loves it!  When we can't find him, we will go to his room and there he will be lying in his bed with his favorite blanket just giggling. It's so cute.  We can tell he is so proud. The answer to everyone's question about him getting out is....YES!, he gets out. It is something you have to teach every child. I found what works best for us is when he comes out, is to take him by the hand and lead him back to his bed and only say these words "it's bed time" or "nap time".   It may take a few times a night, but they will soon stay if you are consistent.  He is doing great so far. We are excited to have another cuddle buddy join us in the mornings:) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning to Swim

Brock and cousin Kailee are in the same class.

Brock is fearless and loves the water.  He enjoys every minute of his swimming class. They are learning to blow bubbles, go under water, kick, and back-float.  Don't tell him I told you, but Randy has a crush on the teacher:)..... She is pretty cute..ha.  Nothin' like a little water to cool you off! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's have a little Mellor Madness Time.....Jeepin'!

You don't see this everyday.  Got Jeep?

We love us some family time in the Jeep.  There is nothing better but to have all 3 of my men in tight quarters with me.  This is up in AF Canyon at Forrest Lake.  Awesome trail.  Two out of three men ended up in the stinky mud.  We love jeeping with great company.  Thanks Josh, Ted & Jill!  We had a blast!


Lehi Foam Day's are for those who dare to get FOAMED!  You GET what you SEE.  We had a blast!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our July 4th

July 4th was so relaxing and much needed.  We feel like our calm and peaceful life has turned up-side down.  Nothing bad has taken place, it's just busy with so many activities and work it's hard to keep up.  We decided this year not to plan anything for the 4th.  We just needed a little family time and it was wonderful.

 Randy and I are the type to just wake-up and go. We hardly plan anything in advance.  We are spur of the moment people.  As we woke up and were lying in bed, we talked about what should we do today. We have the whole day to ourselves.  I named a couple of things that Randy didn't like. And then I mentioned Ogie's....He sprung out of bed so fast.  He was excited.

We got all loaded in the Jeep and headed out.  Now, for those of you how don't know what Ogie's is, it's a restaurant in West Valley.  They are only open until 11 am, and only serve breakfast.  It's the best breakfast you will eat. This was the place to go in High School when you didn't want to go to class. haha  We always get the Special breakfast burrito.  The green chili sauce that they put on it, is to die for!  I am salivating just thinking about it.

After eating we said...what next? I said let's head to Park City.  We could go shopping and hit the Alpine slide. As we got there it was a mad house.  Cars everywhere.  Luckily there was a different event going on and everyone was there in stead of the slides.  It was a perfect day.  No crowds, cool, and fun!  Brock and Brody loved every minute of the slides.  We then went shopping at the outlet mall.  Killer deals!  Randy bought 2 Fossil wallets that were only $5.00 each, and a pair of Teva's for $25.00.  Awesome deals!

On our way home we headed to Heber City.  We stopped to get lunch at Granny's Drive In.  The best burger, fries and shake joint ever!  I remember going there as a child.  Great memories I hope to pass down to our kids.

When we arrived home we made a homemade slip n' slide out of plastic.  It was a hit and it felt good to cool off.  After a day in the sun we were all pooped.  We all took a nap.  When we woke up we watched Superman.  One of Brock's favorite movies.  I drew the superman shield on Brock's chest with marker.  He thought that was the neatest thing. He got his red undies on, blue cape and ran around with his arms in the air.  He would point his eyes at you like he was using his lasers.  He would blow on things around the house, pretending they would freeze or blow away.  It was so entertaining to watch him.  He is our little superhero.

For the firework show, we headed to our neighbors house.  Every thing was going great. The kids loved the sparklers, and smoke bombs.  We then started the Ariel fireworks.  All was good until the wind blew one over and started shooting and exploding on the kids.  It was a mad panic to grab the kids.  We had kids, screaming and crying with fireworks going off.  It sounded like a war zone. We got the kids all settled and looked over each of their bodies.  They were all fine, just a little traumatized.  We all scooted back 20 feet and continued the show.  It was great!  After it was over we headed home.  We had a fun field day I hope our boys will remember.  Here is a video of the highlights of our day.  Enjoy.    

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Little bIT of This and A Little bIT of That


Every day I try to do one craft with the kids.  This day they wanted to make crowns.  They all loved it.  After we made them we went out side to ride bikes.  It was cute to see them with their crowns riding their bikes.
LEHI ROUND-UP CELEBRATION!  Every year we try to make it to either the Rodeo or the Parade.  This year was the parade.  The boys loved it.  Brock loved all the candy thrown to him and Brody was fascinated with the marching bands.  It is fun to re-live things through their eyes.   R 2 BROS. Waiting for the parade to start.

Brody cheezin' it!

Brock excited about his cotton candy.

We thought this was the coolest float.  Gotta love Angry Birds.  This is a yearly tradition of ours. We love Lehi Days! 
We came home from Alaska to find this in our grill.  There are 6 robin eggs.  The boys were excited to check on them every day. 

Brock pointing to the eggs.

The birds a few days after they hatched.  Today they are almost ready to leave the nest.  There are only 3 of them left.  One of them fell out, Randy put it back, and the mom killed it, and other one got his head caught in the lid, and we don't know what happened to the last one. It was fun while it lasted, but I am ready for them to leave.  Fly away, fly away birds.

It's that time where we need to start disciplining Brody.  He gives the saddest looks on his face when he gets in trouble (see picture), that makes me want to cave in. We gotta stay strong.  This was his first "Time Out" experience.  I don't think he liked it to much.

Brody's first day of nursery.  Wahoo!!!!   By the look on his face, you would think he didn't enjoy it, but the truth is,  he did enjoy it.   Randy and I took him in the class room and boy....did he not hesitate to run to the toys.   Randy stayed for a few minutes while I headed to class. Fifteen minutes went by and Randy returned and said Brody is loving it.  I was so happy.  I was excited to pick him up when church ended.  When I opened the door, he saw me and with arms open, and saying mama, mama & smiling he ran to me.  I will cherish that moment forever.   He loved to be there, but he loves me more:)  We are happy the first day went well.  Good Job Brody!