Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sleep Talk

We had Chazz (cousin) sleep over last weekend.  Brock was in heaven and we enjoyed getting to know Chazz better.  He is a smart and hilarious boy.  We played a game in the car where we would hum a song and the others would have to guess it.  It was fun for me to hear what the boys wanted to hum, and they actually hummed so you could tell what the song was.  We drove past the Temple and Chazz wanted to sing a song.  I said ok, let's hear it.  I thought he was going to sing I love to see the Temple.  Instead he sang Kum-ba-ya.  I could not hold my laughter in at his song choice.  It was so funny.  It was cute to hear him sing the whole song.  He has a pretty good singing voice.  We learned he is a great drawer too.  I think Chazz has a few hidden talents.  Thanks for coming Chazz!  Brock Can't wait for you to sleep over again!   

Brody's a big boy!  We changed his crib into a toddler bed.  He loves it!  When we can't find him, we will go to his room and there he will be lying in his bed with his favorite blanket just giggling. It's so cute.  We can tell he is so proud. The answer to everyone's question about him getting out is....YES!, he gets out. It is something you have to teach every child. I found what works best for us is when he comes out, is to take him by the hand and lead him back to his bed and only say these words "it's bed time" or "nap time".   It may take a few times a night, but they will soon stay if you are consistent.  He is doing great so far. We are excited to have another cuddle buddy join us in the mornings:) 

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TAYBEL said...

FUN! A cousin sleepover sounds like a blast.