Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hinckley Family Retreat

This last weekend was awesome!  We headed up to Warm Springs in Hanna, Ut with my side of the family.  Some of you might be saying where is Hanna?  Well I found out.  It is up by Kamas.  Beautiful place to camp. We stayed in a remote place with just us.  If you rent it, you have to rent the whole place.  It was perfect for our HUGE family.  There was one main cabin, where my parents stayed, and surrounding it where 7 small cabins just enough space to fit some beds.  It was perfect.  There is a small creek you can tube down, and a pond with paddle boats and kayaks.  We had a blast.  Brock keeps saying can we go back?. I want to live there.  Between all the crafts Granny Goose had and the water activities, the kids and the adults were never bored. Here is a small clip of the fun we had.  My sister Taylor with Innovative Productions put together the video.  Great job Tay!

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Malia said...

Hink, did you know Rhondalee lives in Hanna now? I had no idea where it was either! Great video - the shots of Brock smiling and giggling at Randy (at least I think that's who it is) and Brody laughing at you are priceless. Very cool! You have a great family!