Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things Like This

Trying to keep these two entertained can be tough at times.  They are typical boys who love being out side playing in the dirt.  How many times can you do that?  For us A LOT.  I thought I would change it up. So I decided to get a bucket, fill it with water and let them paint the side walk.  This is what ended up happening....

I think I will go for a dip.

Mom look!  hahahaha

I think I will eat/drink the brush.

Me too! These two boys keep me on my toes and keep my mind in the right place, to what really matters.  Quality time and having fun is what I try to do every day.  I do like having the boys look there best, but when their having fun I let that fly out the window.  I am so blessed I GET TO be home with them 6 days a week and to see them do THINGS LIKE THIS. Not a day goes by without me laughing and I thank them for that.   

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