Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brock Showing "Carson Courage"

Some of you are probably wondering what  "Carson Courage" is.  I will tell you.  This is Carson. He is a friend of Brock's who passed away in a tragic accident. (Read about it here.)  Carson loved to ride his bike.  He learned to ride a bike right before his 3rd Birthday, never using training wheels.  Carson's parents Zach & Hilary said he had courage from the time he was a baby. Nothing could stand in his way.  So they named his courage "Carson Courage".  Carson had a big influence on Brock along with his cousin's on him wanting to ride his bike without training wheels.  Brock was bound and determined to do it, and he did.  He showed a tremendous amount of "Carson Courage".  I love this picture of Carson.  It's like he is saying " did it Brock!"  Way to go Brock!!!   Thank you Carson for being a great example to Brock.  He talks about you and prays for you often. You are missed very much by many.

"Carson Courage!"

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