Monday, December 17, 2012

Brody Turns The BIG 2

Our little Brody is 2!  We can't believe it.  He is the sweetest boy you will ever meet.  He loves life and loves to be around people.  He is showing a little sense of humor. He is such a delight.  Because our families are so big, we did 3 small parties for him.  On his real Birthday December 8th we thought it would be special  to have his birth family over.  I thought is was awesome!  

Brody enjoying all the attention and the presents.

Brody has the best birth mom ever!  We are so grateful to Chanel for the relationship we have with her.  Brody is very lucky to have her.

Randy and I were so excited for his present from us.  This little bike it called the Strider.  It has no pedals.  Brody will have to learn to balance and use his legs for momentum.  He has loved it, but needs a little more practice..  Happy Birthday buddy!

Brody with his Grandma Bobbi!  Brody is lucky to have her as a Grandma. Of course she had to spoil the little dude.:)  We are so grateful to her,  for the love she has for Brody. 

The one and only Aunt Chelbie.  She is wild and crazy!  Brody just loves her.

Mommy Chanel & Chris.  So stinkin' cute! We are thankful Chanel met such a great guy.  Chris has always been so supportive of Chanel & Brody's relationship.  We love him for that.

Blowing out the candles.  Ouch!  I burnt my lip!

One awesome family we get to share many great MEMORIES with. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODY! WE ALL LOVE YOU!  .

Date Night with Granny Goose

Brock and I getting ready to leave on our date night. I can't argue about hanging out with this stud.

We received a invite in the mail from Granny Goose inviting us to see the Nutcracker.  When we got there all of Brock's cousin's where there (3 and older) with their moms, along with Granny.  It was a delight for me to be there.  Brock picked out his very own Nutcracker to bring home.

This was one of the scenes in the play.  I found myself watching Brock more then the play.  It was fun for me to see his re-action. Brock loved all the sword fighting between these mice.

Brock and his cousin's.  Thank You Granny Goose!  We had a great time!

Make'em EARN it...

We have been struggling with Brock listening and doing what we (or any adult for that matter) ask of him.  So my awesome sister Erin made these charts for Brock. She has been doing this with her son Bryson and has had success, so I thought I would give it a try.  

As you can see he has earned his first dollar.  It has made a huge difference.  He is proud of himself when he makes that good choice of listening, as are we:)  So in 6 weeks it should become a habit right?  Thank you Erin for the great idea!

let it snow, Let It Snow, LET IT SNOW!

I have been dying for 2 years  to build a snowman with my 3  boys.  It finally snowed enough for us to build one.  I don't know why, but Lehi never seems to get a lot of snow.  We were all so excited!  Brock rolled all the balls himself.  Brody loved running and eating the snow.  Randy constructed it.  Then the final touches to make FROSTY come to life.  It was awesome! We even had an audience. Granny and Grandpa Hink surprised us with a visit.  Fun times and Great memories.